LEGO presents How to Roll a Joint

We at LEGO know that life is not all about play; some times you need to do some serious relaxing. When ever we are beat from a hard day of making new toys for young boys and girls to play with we relaxe in best way known to man: We smoke a big fat joint and watch a movie. Not only have we spent thousands of hours perfecting our grow process but one of our fungineers came up with his own rolling process. We would like to share this process with you today and forever.

Bobby is going to be your guide today. By the time you are finished here you are going to know how to roll a joint fit for a king.

Gather your materials. You are going to need a cigaratte, rolling papers and a nice bud.

The importance of high quality bud can not be ignored. Make sure your bud looks like this or beter before you continue.

Grab your paper and tear open your cigaratte.

Lay the paper out and spread the tabaco out in it. Roll yourself a plug for end of your joint.

Break up the bud and spread it out over the tabaco. Be sure to remove any stems and seeds.

Start rolling. You want the joint to be firm but not too tight.

Getting close; simply finish the rolling, lick and stick.

Light that bad boy up. You might need a friend to help. Congrats, you should now be high.